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About shisha

About Shisha

The charm of shisha

​Highly relaxing effect

You can enjoy the shisha served at Fuka for about 2 hours with one machine.

The effects of shisha can be expected to be relaxing and reduce stress.

While many people use it to take a breather when they are tired, hang out with friends, or go on a date with their significant other, there is also an increasing number of people using it as a working space to improve their concentration.

​You can expect the above effects.

The charm of Kamata Shisha Bar & Lounge Fuka
​How to smoke shisha

​01 .deep breath

Smoking shisha is similar to taking a deep breath.
When you are smoking​, be conscious of the movement of your shoulders,
Please imagine sucking long and gently.

​02 .open your mouth wide

To exhale a lot of smoke, you need to open your mouth wide.

By widening the exit,
You can enjoy a richer flavor.

​03 .exhale slowly

​If you spit it out too vigorously, you may choke.
Try to exhale slowly and try to exhale the smoke along your face.

I think it will be more delicious.

​Make shisha more delicious
How to enjoy Kamata Shisha Bar & Lounge Fuka

To make shisha more enjoyable

There are also options to make your shisha even better.

We propose a "marriage" that creates something new by harmonizing completely different shisha and cocktails into one.

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